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Starting and running a business, isn't fucking easy. There's so many things to figure out when getting started or even when growing the business. But it doesn't have to be that hard because it's been done before. I want to help you shorten the amount of time it took me to get here.

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Benefits of Working With Me

College Educated

Just fucking kidding, I am but that's not even relevant. I am however experience educated. I created a multimillion dollar business, that I started with $500.

No Bullshit Coaching

I do not sugarcoat things. You're spending $ not just with me, but on things to start a business and I don't want you to waste your time on things that won't help you build it. 

Starting Something

Choosing to work with me is the first step towards the business of your dreams. Even if we only work together once, I will help get you on the right path.

Want to Have 1:1 Coaching?

Disclaimer: Most coaching calls + this website include profanity. If that's not your thing, I'm probably not your girl. 

Creating a business, and keeping it running, is hard as fuck. I'm not the kind of person or coach who's going to make you think it's easy, and you'll be a millionaire tomorrow. I'm going to give you real advice, and real experience, to help you shorten the amount of time it took me to get here.

Let's put my no bullshit attitude, years of actual business experience, together with your crazy ideas + make you into a successful entrepreneur. 

Want to Have 1:1 Coaching?


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