Hey Babe, I'm Katie! 🖤

I am so excited you’re here and to tell you about me, if you have no clue who the fuck I am, or maybe will learn something new. Forewarning, if you haven’t seen yet, I use profanity (a lot) so if that’s not something you’re ok with, I don’t suggest reading further.

I grew up in Southern California and worked in retail basically my entire working life. I knew early on that I was NOT made to just get by. I grew up with the best of both worlds, an entrepreneur father who worked long ass hours to give us a good life (still does), and a mom who ran/runs a dance studio simply because she gets joy from the kids and watching them grow as dancers.

I was constantly on the retail grind of a big box store attempting to work my way all the way to the top. Working Thanksgiving because of the ridiculous Black Friday hours, and ultimately not being fulfilled because promotions were dangled, and promised, and then never given. It was frustrating as fuck. Then one day in my business management class at Cal State Fullerton, the material was talking about hiring and managing people, and promotions. It added to the frustration and I realized I no longer wanted to work for someone else. I didn’t want to be a slave to a time clock, and my success be at the mercy of someone else.

So a year away from graduating college in 2012, I decided to start a business. Yes, just like that. I’m a bit impulsive. Hell, after being motivated as fuck by a lunch with Jamie Joslin King, I put this website together and launched my coaching calls in 1 week. I literally get shit done, but I digress. I had always loved jewelry, knew it was small so it didn’t take up a ton of space, and fairly easy to ship. I started googling like a mad woman, right there in class. By the end of class, I had my idea laid out, the platform I would use, an Instagram account with a placeholder name, a list of name ideas, and some product ideas.

Within 24 hours, Metal Marvels was born.

Since then, Metal Marvels has definitely changed. After a rebrand in 2016, the brand is now solely focused on empowering women, encouraging them to be true to themselves, give the middle finger to societal norms, and stand up for what they believe in. I get to live my dream, with freedom, the ability to curse like a sailor, and be my fucking self too. I started the business with $500 and scaled it to a multi-million dollar company still owned 100% by me, with 3 amazing women that help keep the brand running smoothly. I still pinch myself daily.

I am a bit of a serial entrepreneur. I have since started Fucking Good Coffee Co, which really is as good as the name says. My way of adding my kind of flair to the currently boring but delicious coffee world. With names to truly depict how you feel in the morning, especially if you’re like me and so not a morning person. I recently launched See the Change, which I'm really excited about. It's all eyewear for the boss bitches who need shade, or to help their eyes during long work days. All of my brands now donate 10% of every sale to charity because I believe the world needs our help now more than ever.

I have large monetary goals, but it’s not for the money itself, it’s for what the money does. Money allows me the freedom to keep working from home. Money allows me to employ women to also work from home and get to spend more time with their kids. Money allows me the opportunity and time to do this. If it weren’t for the success of my businesses, I wouldn’t have the time or opportunity to offer coaching calls, and eventually courses. I'm also in the process of trying to conceive on my own. I was raised to be an entrepreneur, but I was born to a mom. You can follow that journey here: bossbitchandababy.com 

By the way, I am not perfect.

I won’t have the site with the perfect layout or grammar. I am not a coach just selling coaching. I have product based experience and while my goal is to hire more women for my businesses in the next 12 months, I also want so many more women to feel empowered to join the business world. So why not help you do that? I’ve got a nobullshit approach to life. I won’t sugarcoat things and I’ll give you real experience. There’s no fluff acting like this business thing is easy, because it isn’t. I will be real with you, but I will also be your biggest fucking cheerleader.

If you got to this point, I fucking love you. I really hope that we can work together. At the very least, come be friends with me on Instagram.

Wanna make some fucking magic?

Let's schedule a call and see if we can bring your idea to life, or help grow your current business. I've got over 7 years experience in a product based business that I started myself, with $500 and scaled to a multi-million dollar company. Let me be the fresh set of eyes, and new brain, that your project needs.

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